Mod-U-Kraf Disaster Relief Program

Mod-U-Kraf Disaster Relief Program

Mod-U-Kraf is deeply concerned about the recent rash of destructive tornados destroying homes throughout the mid-west and east coast. Many homes have been destroyed, some lives have been lost and hundreds of families are now unexpectedly homeless. Alarmed by the devastation, the Mod-U-Kraf organization has devised a plan to lend help. Frank Hodges, Vice President of Sales & Marketing said, “As concerned corporate citizens and neighbors, we are in a unique position to help provide needed shelter quickly. After all, we are a team of dedicated homebuilders”. Mod-U-Kraf’s manufacturing plant in Rocky Mount, Va. along with their sister company’s manufacturing facilitates in Colorado and Iowa can reach many of these affected areas in need.

Highlights of the Homeowner Disaster Relief Program:

  • Quick building of a new home on either an existing foundation or a new one if necessary.
  • $2/Square foot rebate check from Mod-U-Kraf
  • Additional $2/Square foot reduction rate from your participating, independent local builder.
  • Customary order deposits and construction deposits will be waived with appropriate written assurances from an insurer, verifying that home destruction was adequately covered. Proof of lender financing for a new home must also be obtained.
  • To minimize the time individuals are displaced, Mod-U-Kraf will make drafting and construction of the replacement home a top priority, placing it ahead of other existing projects.

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