Mike & Dollie-Brooke Reid Home

Below are photos of the Mike & Dollie-Brooke Reid Home. This is a Systems Built Home produce by Nationwide Homes www.nationwide-homes.com. This home was set on April 10, 2014, we hope to have the Reid’s moved in by the end on June.May 19th - 2014 - 1Front-Right Side 6-13-14Back 6-13-14

Modular Home Manufacturers Build Greener Homes

Modular Home Manufacturers Build Greener Homes

One advantage of modular construction is its energy efficiency. Tightly-built modular homes help stabilize interior temperatures better than traditional stick-buit homes. Further, the use of Energy Star rated appliances and windows add to the “green living” mentality embraced by modular home manufacturers.

HandCrafted Homes, a modular homes manufacturer, allows for much more energy efficient living, offering options above and beyond the standard, as we did in the following example.

We recently had a customer that requested open cell foam insulation in their new home. Open-cell spray foam insulation is a low-density, nonstructural insulation that offers an excellent R-value. The cellular structure of open-cell foam insulation results in energy savings, improved indoor air quality, and increased comfort.

Providing open cell insulation for our customers is no problem because we have the experience and resources to customize virtually any home. We applied the foam insulation to the sidewalls–as seen in the photo to the right–that creates an air-tight barrier. This particular home will be built in the frigid mountains of Western Virginia where insulation is an absolute necessity. The r-value on the sidewalls is considered to be r-19 but the real value is the sealing of the envelope. The ceiling received foam as well as fiberglass batt insulation to create an r-value in excess of 51!

For more information on green living through modular construction, contact HandCrafted Homes.





This is a process that constructs a building off site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designed to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities – but in about half the time. Buildings are produced in “modules” that when put together on site, reflect the identical design intent and specifications of the most sophisticated TRADITIONALLY BUILT STRUCTURES – without compromise.

The Modular Building Institute has a great website demonstrating the benefits of building your new Home or Commercial Building using the latest Modular/System Built technology. If you are considering building a New Home or Commercial Building or just want to catch up on what is new and current in the construction industry, I invite you to view and enjoy the website below.





Mod-U-Kraf Disaster Relief Program

Mod-U-Kraf Disaster Relief Program

Mod-U-Kraf is deeply concerned about the recent rash of destructive tornados destroying homes throughout the mid-west and east coast. Many homes have been destroyed, some lives have been lost and hundreds of families are now unexpectedly homeless. Alarmed by the devastation, the Mod-U-Kraf organization has devised a plan to lend help. Frank Hodges, Vice President of Sales & Marketing said, “As concerned corporate citizens and neighbors, we are in a unique position to help provide needed shelter quickly. After all, we are a team of dedicated homebuilders”. Mod-U-Kraf’s manufacturing plant in Rocky Mount, Va. along with their sister company’s manufacturing facilitates in Colorado and Iowa can reach many of these affected areas in need.

Highlights of the Homeowner Disaster Relief Program:

  • Quick building of a new home on either an existing foundation or a new one if necessary.
  • $2/Square foot rebate check from Mod-U-Kraf
  • Additional $2/Square foot reduction rate from your participating, independent local builder.
  • Customary order deposits and construction deposits will be waived with appropriate written assurances from an insurer, verifying that home destruction was adequately covered. Proof of lender financing for a new home must also be obtained.
  • To minimize the time individuals are displaced, Mod-U-Kraf will make drafting and construction of the replacement home a top priority, placing it ahead of other existing projects.

NyloDeck: Insights from Deck Expo 2012


Beautiful on the Outside,
Strong on the Inside,
Green All the Way Through.

The “Non-Composite” Composite

NyloDeck brings the concept of a worry-free deck to life.
Unlike other deck materials that contain wood or PVC, NyloDeck’s unique composition using recycled carpet fiber make it incredibly durable and eco-friendly.

CCRR-0183 (Click to view report)Key features:

  • A proprietary embossing process creates natural looking, unique grains on every board
  • Strong, lightweight, easy-to-use
  • Impervious to water, mold, mildew and termites
  • No rot or swelling
  • Stain resistant for easier maintenance
  • UV protected
  • Strength and rigidity enable joist spans up to 24″ O.C.; available in lengths up to 24′
  • Best Expansion and Contraction rating of all composites
  • Available in five popular colors: Saddle Rose, Mountain Mocha, Desert Spice, Harbor Gray, Newport White


  • New decks
  • Replacement decks
  • Boat docks
  • Outdoor stairs and ramps
  • Park benches
  • Outdoor seating
  • Boardwalks

NyloBoard technology is also available in:

  • NyloSheet Composite Sheet/Sheathing: A superior composite sheathing with endless possibilities
NyloDeck: No Wood. No PVC. No Worries.

For More Information (Copy and Paste):


Builder Homesite Launches Campaign Extolling New Home Construction

A group of 32 of the nation’s largest home builders announced the start of an initiative to positively influence public perception of new construction homes. The multi-year, multi-million dollar marketing and advertising campaign is aimed at making new construction homes more attractive to potential home buyers who are comparing new homes with existing homes.



7 Ways To Beat The High Costs Of Home Building

Creative Cedar Homes, LLC would like to offer the following suggestions in saving money during your new home construction process (Modular Home Building or Stick Built Home). Each of these suggestions is available in all of our product lines. We build in Polk County NC, Rutherford County NC, McDowell County NC, Spartanburg County SC and Greenville County SC.


Stick Built Homes Vs. Systems Built (Modular) Homes

Creative Cedar Homes, LLC serves Rutherdford County, McDowell County, Cleveland County and Polk County in Western North Carolina as well as the Spartanburg and Greenville areas of North Western South Carolina.

Stick Built Homes Vs. Systems Built (Modular) Homes, which is right for you? Did you know a Systems Built (Modular) Home is 20% to 30% stronger than a conventional Stick Built Home? Did you also know a Systems Built (Modular) Home is typically 10% to 20% cheaper than a conventional Stick Built Home?

Click on the link below for a Side-By-Side Comparison, you will be surprised!




This is a photo of a Mod-U-Kraf Systems Built (Modular) Home, can you tell the difference?